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Fine Print... Notes and musings.

According to the web counters, this is my most popular page - much more so than my homepage. I gather people have set their bookmarks to just this page.

I get between 60 and 140 hits on this page every day and the majority of the email I get is SPAM and the scum of the universe who send me Windoze viruses.

For the scum... You are wasting your time! I have web-based email that I read from a non-Windoze system so I can delete your pieces of crap before they do any damage.

In spite of the underwhelming amount of email I get (4 people), I have added almost a dozen stories that used to be on (that I recovered from Google). Go to the bottom of this page to find the links to them.

Mask Stories
These stories can be considered adult material though I have avoided using profanity and left most of the "naughty bits" to be filled in by the mind of the reader.
The Sacrifice

A young man agrees to play a female virgin for a party and gets much more than he expects from the experience.

Written in 1997.

My Change of Life

A story of a girl trapped in a boy suit.

Written March 1998.

Spy Tale

A quick blurb inspired by the Mercury Cougar commercial. I have a 3 meg quicktime movie (with no sound) of it if you haven't seen it. Movie file link

Written July 1998.

Videogame Babes

Rick is in love with the women in videogames while Kevin thinks he should try real ones. Which one is right?

Written September 2000.

A Scary Story

My first try at writing something scary. Let me know if it scares you.

Written October 2000.

The 70's Party

A shy guy wants to be the center of attention at an H'ween party.

Written October 2000.

My Escape

Planning a prison break starts just after the arrest. Check out Republican News for a true story of a man who escaped from prison disguised as a woman.

Written September 2000.

Domestic Bliss

This one seems to be well received. It has a bit of a furry element and a bit of a bodysuit element.

Written November 2000.

Text Adventure

A fragment of a non-existant adventure game.

Recovered from on Nov 1st, 2001

A Dozen Mask Vignettes

Twelve very very short stories dealing with masks and bodysuits.

Recovered from on Nov 1st, 2001

Facing Reality

Another bodysuit story

Recovered from on Nov 1st, 2001

The Priestess of Vahic

A combination mask/magic story

Recovered from on Nov 1st, 2001

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Clothes make the man... into a woman

This is a series of very short stories I wrote on a common theme. They all deal with guys putting on girl's clothes and taking on the appearance of a girl. They were all supposed to be less than two typed pages in length. The newest ones are in HTML format and are whatever length they came out to be.

The Neighbors

A story about a guy who got a bit too curious about his neighbors.

Written July 1997.

The Poetry Book

You can't judge a book by its cover - or a woman by her clothes.

Written July 1997.

The Genie (original)
The Genie (revised)

If you can't find a magic lamp, you can build one yourself. This story was truncated when I uploaded it over three years ago. The original second half is lost. There is a new second half now.

Written August 1997 and November 2000.


A husband tries out his wife's clothes.

Written December 1998.

The Costume Shop

Never upset a witch! Especially one with considerable power. This is a story about a boy who rents a mermaid costume with a curse on it.

Written April 1996.

My Aunt

Just a trick of the light. With a little advanced physics, you can make people see anything you want them to.

Written April 1996.

Military Hijinks

Basic training for experts in disguise and the tricks they play on each other.

Written April 1996.

Blending in with the Aliens

Using alien technology to look like a woman.

Written April 1996.


How to look just like the woman in the catalog.

Written April 1996.

The Shape-changer

How about a boy who can absorb the aura left on other peoples' clothes and change to look like them?

Written April 1996.

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Borrowed Characters
The following stories were inspired by fictional characters on television. As such, some stuffed shirts may consider them to be infringing on their copyrights or trademarks. It's just for light entertainment anyways. It's not as if I were selling these.
Encounters of the 7th kind

What would happen if aliens found a male in a spaceship crash and wanted to help, but all they had were pictures of gorgeous women to go by?

Written March 1998.

Lex and Leslie

Lex Luther finally gets revenge on Superman by becoming a woman... or does she?

Written July 1998.

Very Short Assortment
A few assorted very short stories I did that don't fall into the previous categories. They include a few ideas I got from reading other people's stories. I hope you find them interesting for at least a few minutes.

What really happens when you type "su" on a UN*X system? You would be surprised.

Written March 1998.

The Bondage Board

A life size board game where the object is to escape with as few changes and shackles as possible.

Written April 1998.

Fun and Games

A fragment where you try to guess what is going on.

Written October 1998.

Roadside Assistance

You should always help out stranded motorists... especially if they are attractive.

Written February 2000.

Just for Fun
Here's the first in what could be several stories that I'm doing just for the fun of it. They will be in both HTML and NewtonBook format.
HTML version Newton package
Written September 1998.

Spells 'R' Us

This is my first story based on a shared universe. It deals with magic, roleplaying, and comic books. The events are fictional, but some of the names are real. I asked Bill Hart (creator of the Spells 'R' Us universe) to review it and he replied:

   "I thought it worked well. I wish I'd thought of it."

Since I wrote this entirely on my eMate 300, I'm also making this available as a Newton Book. It was created by Newt's Cape in landscape (320 x 238) format.

HTML version Newton package
Written August 1998.

These last two are also on the Fictionmania website. A few more of my stories can also be found there.
Here is one of my favorites that I had submitted there in November 1999.
Diane's Revenge. I reformatted and reworded it a tiny bit in November 2000.

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This isn't really a story. It's an article I wrote about how to write TG masking stories for those who aren't TG and/or don't wear masks. It was intended for placement on another web site but was rejected.     Holly's TG writing Q&A

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